CK Design and Drafting LLC provides detailed coordination, fabrication, and installation shop drawings to the mechanical and aerospace industries. With over 38 years in the mechanical industry and 23 years’ experience as a detailer, having overseen the coordination of over 135 projects. Included are; resort hotels, convention centers, universities, condominiums, vacation villas, schools, hospitals, theme parks, pharmaceutical facilities, central energy plants, airports, military facilities for the US Army, USMC, and launch facilities for NASA, USAF, USN, Blue Origin, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics.


In addition to coordination and detailing we also can provide 3D laser scanning to be used to verify existing conditions, assist with coordination, identify conflicts and provide as-builts.


We provide the following fabrication and installation shop drawings and drafting / detailing services

  1. HVAC Piping

  2. Process Piping

  3. Stainless Steel Tubing

  4. HVAC Sheet Metal

  5. Plumbing

  6. Medical Gas

  7. Piping systems supporting the Aerospace industry

  8. Lead MEP BIM Coordination

  9. 3D Laser Scanning service

  10. Pipe supports

  11. Material lists

  12. Material management

  13. Ongoing project support

  14. On site office set up


Our goal at CK Design and Drafting LLC is to reduce costs for our clients. This is done through coordination, fabrication, and innovative ideas for installation minimizing costs of material and labor. 


CK Design and Drafting LLC has 3 detailers, two of which have over 30 years in the mechanical industry and a third with 8 years in the industry. This makes CK Design and Drafting LLC one of the most "seasoned" and experienced teams in the industry.



Thanks for your consideration

Charlie Knoll